Will ‘Drug Cheat’ Gatlin beat Bolt??

This year at the Athletics World Championships there are going to be sparks flying everywhere… Mostly when the controversial American sprinter’ Justin Gatlin, takes on the worlds greatest athlete, Usain Bolt at the 100 and 200 metre sprints.

Gatlin has been banned twice before for using performance enhancing drugs and many believe he should never race again, as even if he is ‘clean’ now, his body could still be benefitting from his cheating. The guy is 32 years old, and for many sprinters, at that age, they are in the twilight of their careers. He has the worlds four fastest times this year (good to note here that Bolt has hardly raced) and that is just incredible considering his age.


Many enthusiasts, like me, do not like the brazen way he goes about his business. He does not seem remorseful for his cheating and has even secured a sponsorship with American sport’s giant Nike, this year. How is that sending out a good message to young aspiring athletes? Cheat, get away with it and earn lots of money from sponsorship deals. Athletics has been tainted by drug use for a long time, and it’s a shame because the integrity of the sport is questioned time and time again.

Usain Bolt, the 100 and 200 metre world record holder, says he is in ‘great shape’ this year, despite having raced very little so far. I think I speak for many others when I say I hope he kicks Gatlin’s ass! No other sport has seen one man who is so much better than everyone else, all the time whilst making it look easy. He also says he is looking to break records this year and that is great to hear. Seeing him in full flow really makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up, he really is super-human!