Scotty Cameron Newport 2

Hey guys, gonna turn my attention to a different sport this week and one that I like to play with my best friends; Golf. Now I know golf is not for everyone but our group of mates grew up near a driving range and a golf course, and we used to work on the course in exchange for free games. We just had to go round cleaning the course for a few hours, then we could go and play. They were really good days and lots of fun was had. Now we are all a bit too old now to go to the club and ask for a job so most of us are in fact members and we get together as often as we can to play a round or two.


I am not as serious as I was a few years ago but I still take a keen interest and do spend quite a chunk of my disposable income on golf gear. The time has come to get a new putter, my current putter is around ten years old and it’s had its day, has served me very well on more than a few occasions, but like everything else, nothing lasts forever!


Eye on a Scotty


Now I have had my eye on a Scotty Cameron putter for quite some time now, and the Scotty Cameron Newport 2 has always had rave reviews. These are professional style putters, and although I am far from being a professional, it would be nice to have some quality kit in the club bag. I wanted to take a look at some other options though, so I will tell you the putters that I was looking at, before I decided on the Scotty. I have always preferred blade putters over mallet putters, so I didn’t look at any of those (apart from a hybrid Scotty).




So the “hybrid” putter I am talking about is the Titleist Scotty Cameron Futura X7. Now it looks like a peculiar putter and a mixture in style like a blade mixed with a mallet, although it is described as a mallet putter. These boys are nearly $400 new though and have not long been released, so the chances of getting a good deal on one or getting one second-hand is highly unlikely, I might keep it back for a year or so, see if they are still getting the reviews that they are currently.




A real nice looking putter, the Bettinardi BB Series has also been getting a lot of coverage recently. After reading an article in my favourite online golfing magazine, they placed it at the top of the blade putters for the beginning of 2016. This is nearly $100 cheaper than the Futura but again, as it’s a new club, the discounts won’t be available and unless I’m really lucky I won’t be able to find anything used or second-hand.




Another high-end putter I looked at was the Nike Method Origin. It’s around the same price as the Bettinardi and is also getting great reviews. Nike are making some really great putters at the moment and the Method is no exception from what I have been reading.


Getting the Scotty!


So after a spot of digging around I knew that the Scotty Cameron Newport 2 was the club for me. Countless pro’s have used them in the past and they have been out long enough that it should be fairly easy to find a good deal online. The search begun and within a week I found a site, and they had a lot of choice of Scotty’s and not just the Scotty Cameron Newport 2. If you would like to visit the site then please click here. Got myself a great deal and found one nearly 50% cheaper than I would brand new. Not outstanding condition but with a bit of a polish the putter looked stunning. I just really love the bold graphics on the putter and the cherry-like colour, make it a very assured yet understated piece of equipment.


To the Course!


Well it took me a few rounds to get used to it and of course my friends were taking the mickey out of me when I was missing some pretty routine putts, but once I had gotten the feel of the putter it definitely helped raise my game. Probably around 15-20% on the putting green. Within a month it had felt like I had owned the putter for years and I am so happy I made the choice of the Scotty Cameron Newport 2. Not sure my friends are though as I am kicking some serious butt at the moment and long may it continue!