Men’s Tennis 2015

Hello all you tennis lovers!!! 2015 is shaping up to be an amazing year for our beloved sport. We had an incredible Australian Open. Melbourne always holds such a great event and I myself have been lucky enough to attend this wonderful tournament. The Melbourne locals, and most others for that matter, go crazy when the tournament is on. The atmosphere is scintillating! Novak of course won this year’s event with a typically dominant show. The guy is unstoppable most of the time!

Looking to the French it’s hard to look past the record winner, Rafa. His record on the clay stuff is nothing short of extraordinary. I will bet that it will never be matched again. Will he make it No. 9? Would you bet against him? Thought so. Well I’m looking forward to May all the same. The Roland Garros event is an occasion revered by the Parisian public, the support there for it is fantastic.

Now for the most coveted prize of all, Wimbledon. Let’s hope the British weather holds out, as when it does, the tournament is just simply like no other. You ask any pro and they want this title more than any other. Will Andy be able to take his second title? It’s going to be tough, but he is starting to look like the player that won the first one again. To look past Djokovic would be folly, so expect him in the final! It’s a shame Roger’s powers have faded, as I think most tennis fans in the world would love to see him lift that trophy one last time!!

Marin Cilic broke the dominance of the “Big Four” last year when he won his first major at the US Open. The big hitter is once again looking good this year, so barring any injury I think he will play a large part. The hard court suits his game. I’m going to Novak for this one though. I think he will win either Wimbledon or the US… You heard it here first guys!!!

See you in Paris!