Golovkin Vs. Brook

Hey guys, did anyone see the fight the other day between Kell Brook & Triple G? I’ve got to say, I wasn’t holding out too many hopes for Kell, even though I’ve got the greatest respect for him, he’d definitely bitten off a little more than he could chew with this one. Still, complete Kudos to the man, he gave it a good go and he seemed to rock his opponent a couple of times. I think stepping up two weight categories and then jumping in the ring with a hard hitter like GGG was always going to be a mountain to climb but I reckon light-middleweight might be a good weight for Brook. He’s got decent power & he showed he’s got the chin too. His best aspect is his speed for sure so I think going up one weight division instead of two makes the most sense. He won’t lose as much speed as when he steps up to middleweight & he’ll be a good contest for whoever he faces.


Up For The Challenge!

To put his unbeaten record on the line for a fight he knew he’d probably lose, I can only say respect! Other boxers would have gone for the easy fight to keep their record intact, he’s obviously up for the challenge & just wants to show that he can box. Don’t think he should bother going for a rematch with GGG as he showed that his power is probably too much but anyone else around those divisions, should take note of Brook’s performance.