Golovkin Vs. Brook

19/08/2016 Main

Hey guys, did anyone see the fight the other day between Kell Brook & Triple G? I’ve got to say, I wasn’t holding out too many hopes for Kell, even though I’ve got the greatest respect for him, he’d definitely bitten off a little more than he could chew with this one. Still, complete Kudos to the man, he gave it a good go and he seemed to rock his opponent a couple of times. I think stepping up two weight categories and then jumping in the ring with a hard hitter like GGG was always going to be a mountain to climb but I reckon light-middleweight might be a good weight for Brook. He’s got decent power & he showed he’s got the chin too. His best aspect is his speed for sure so I think going up one weight division instead of two makes the most sense. He won’t lose as much speed as when he steps up to middleweight & he’ll be a good contest for whoever he faces. Read more

Scotty Cameron Newport 2

10/02/2016 Main

Hey guys, gonna turn my attention to a different sport this week and one that I like to play with my best friends; Golf. Now I know golf is not for everyone but our group of mates grew up near a driving range and a golf course, and we used to work on the course in exchange for free games. We just had to go round cleaning the course for a few hours, then we could go and play. They were really good days and lots of fun was had. Now we are all a bit too old now to go to the club and ask for a job so most of us are in fact members and we get together as often as we can to play a round or two. Read more

Cricket World Cup

17/04/2015 Main

The recent Cricket World Cup was an absolute pleasure to watch (unless you are an Englishman, of course). Records were smashed at an astonishing rate, it seemed like every game a record had gone. We have never seen batting like it. Read more

Men’s Tennis 2015

17/04/2015 Main

Hello all you tennis lovers!!! 2015 is shaping up to be an amazing year for our beloved sport. We had an incredible Australian Open. Melbourne always holds such a great event and I myself have been lucky enough to attend this wonderful tournament. The Melbourne locals, and most others for that matter, go crazy when the tournament is on. The atmosphere is scintillating! Novak of course won this year’s event with a typically dominant show. The guy is unstoppable most of the time! Read more

Premier League 14/15 – The End is Near!

17/04/2015 Main

So guys, the end of the Premier League is no more than a handful of games away. I’m not going to lie, I’m a bit upset about that! This season has gone so fast, and has thrown up a few surprises, although the teams we expected are near the top, and the same can be said at the bottom end of the league. Read more

World Snooker Championship

17/04/2015 Main

With qualifying nearly over, the World Snooker Championship is nearly upon us! Who’s excited??? Well I am incredibly eager to see some snooker! The Crucible is set to give us yet another thriller of a tournament and I wonder if there will be any surprises? Read more

Will ‘Drug Cheat’ Gatlin beat Bolt??

16/04/2015 Main

This year at the Athletics World Championships there are going to be sparks flying everywhere… Mostly when the controversial American sprinter’ Justin Gatlin, takes on the worlds greatest athlete, Usain Bolt at the 100 and 200 metre sprints. Read more


about me

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i'm robin, i like the sports because it's fun


Hello world!

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Hello guys here is my blog which is going to talk about sport, sport and sport :)